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I am Dakshdeep Singh Bedi, a Mechanical Engineer Graduate. I always wanted to be a businessman and this craving made me quit a very comfortable job in an MNC and I started pursuing my dreams.

There was a creative soul within me right from the beginning and then after 2 years of business explorations, I landed upon the thought of venturing into the business of film making. Undoubtedly my brother wanted me to learn photography because of my creative instincts & for the reason that he was running an event company and used to outsource Photography solutions. But, I wanted to do something bigger. So, I went to learn Cinematography from the Asian Institute of Film & Television.

Then after, primarily I formed Larger Arc Productions with the objective of making films and advertisements. But later on, for the kind of projects I was getting, Alpha Photography was formed to cater to the other projects especially Weddings & Birthdays.

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